Monday, November 30, 2015

Survey: Tell Us What Dorchester Needs Now

Attention all of you who care about Dorchester and its future.

A couple of loyal readers of the Dorchester Times blog have recently e-mailed us, requesting that we conduct survey of area residents to get their feedback when it comes to Dorchester's priorities.

We want to know what's on your mind when it comes to Dorchester's challenges and opportunities -- whether it's main street, housing or community engagement.

Take our new survey by going to

We will publish the results sometime in December.  

Stay tuned.

Monday Could Bring Up To 2" Of Snow, Ice

Here's the latest, folks...

Dorchester and the surrounding area are once again in a winter storm warning.  (Did we mention that winter is still more than three weeks away?)

Catch the latest forecast here.

The good news: sunny weather and temperatures around 40 degrees should be here by Friday.

Here are the nasty details from the U.S. National Weather Service:






Sunday, November 29, 2015

This Week: Church Carry-In Supper, Drug And Alcohol Prevention Meeting

A couple of announcements:

  • The United Methodist Women of Dorchester would like to invite the women the community to join them for a Christmas "Carry-in Supper" this Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 6:30 p.m. at the Dorchester Methodist Church. Bring supper -- and the UMC ladies will provide the dessert.  The program will be the Friend School music department. If you are planning to attend, let Rhonda know at (402) 946-2143.
  • The Saline County C/URB Coalition will hold its December Drug and Alcohol Prevention meeting on Thursday, Dec. 3, beginning at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held this month at the Public Health Solutions, 995 Hwy. 33, Suite 1 in Crete. The Coalition invites the public and encourages all residents dedicated to the prevention of drug & alcohol use among area youth to take part in the discussion, planning and prevention activities.  For more information, call Tim McDermott at (402) 821-3581 or e-mail

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dorchester 'Display Of Lights' Is Dec. 4-6

The Christmas spirit is contagious in Dorchester.  

Our village has a reputation for its many Christmas lights and other decorations on homes during the holiday season.

Every December, from one end of the village to the other, Christmas displays always greet residents and out-of-towners alike. 

This year, Dorchester will have a "Display of Lights" weekend this Friday through Sunday (Dec. 4, 5 and 6). Residents and visitors are invited to drive throughout town to see all the displays.

To honor the Dorchester homes that best reflect the Christmas and holiday spirit, send your nominations for "Best Decorated Dorchester home."  E-mail your nominations to

Thanks to all those who are taking time to decorate their homes for the Christmas season, and to those who take time to send us their nominations.

Friday, November 27, 2015

TRAGEDY: Dorchester Woman Killed In Thanksgiving Day Accident

The Lincoln Journal Star is reporting that a 37-year-old Dorchester woman was killed on Thanksgiving Day when her pickup collided with another pickup on an icy bridge on the west end of Crete. 

Jenna Bales was driving westbound on Highway 33 when her pickup collided with an eastbound pickup driven by George Buhr, 66, of Dorchester, said Crete Police Officer Brian Stork.

Icy road conditions played a part in the accident, he said. 

Buhr was not seriously injured.

The Times sends its sympathies to all involved and to the Bales family.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

LOOKING BACK: Dorchester's Main Street 105 Years Ago This Month

Meacham's Hardware store on the east side of Dorchester's main street in 1910.

It's duck hunting season in the late fall of 1910. What do you do? 

You walk -- or drive the Model T or take the horse -- to Dorchester's bustling business district on main street (Washington Ave.) and stop in at Meacham's Hardware to get hunting supplies.  

After all, in 1910, Meacham's Hardware billed itself at "The Winchester Store."  (Remember, 1910 is the first year that electric lights appeared in Dorchester, powered by electricity generated from a Pleasant Hill mill water wheel on Turkey Creek -- although electricity outages were common until around 1916, when an electric plant came from town and power was purchased from the Blue River Power Co.)

We found this amazing photograph some time ago, preserving for all of us proof of what Dorchester's main street storefronts looked like a century ago.  (Yes, we had our photo editor enhance the picture a little so we could capture more detail for our readers. Click on the photo for a better view.)

Meacham's Hardware was in operation from 1903 until 1931, operated by Charles H. Meacham, Sr., and his son, Charles H. Meacham, Jr. (UPDATE: We're told that Charles Meacham, Jr., and his wife Mary's daughter Elizabeth Ann, born in Dorchester in 1936, passed away last month, October 2015, in Overland Park, Kan.)

The building that housed Meacham's Hardware no longer exists.  It was in the "Longanecker Building" -- destroyed by fire in 1973.  The Longanecker Building stood where the Tyser's Welding and Repair Is today.  

Meacham's Hardware occupied the northern most ground-level portion of the Longanecker Building, while Dr. Panter occupied the second story directly above.  C.W. Crain Insurance and Colson's Cafe were next door.  Also in the building were Joy and Edward's Grocery, the telephone office, and a dentist's office.

Thanksgiving Day Downer: WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY

Folks, Dorchester's first blast of winter weather couldn't come at a worse time.

UPDATE: See the latest forecast updates here.

Dorchester and the surrounding area are in a winter weather advisory, which will be in effect until Thursday 9 p.m. CST. 

That's according to the latest from the U.S. National Weather Service.

Here are the nasty details:










Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving From The Dorchester Times

A few years ago, the Times received an e-mail we felt compelled to share with all of our readers.  

Today, it is reprinted here with the permission of the author. 

From all the staff of the Times, Happy Thanksgiving!


Sweet home Dorchester! Oh sweet Nebraska! On this Thanksgiving we have so many things to be grateful for.

You never really know how amazing something or someplace or someone is until you no longer have it or them in your daily life.  I lived away from here for several years and during that time I reminded myself almost daily of the things and the folks I missed back home.

On this Thanksgiving, I will once again take time to give thanks for those things that make life worth living. They are:

1.) The fall harvest

2.) My small town and the feeling of community

3.) A Main Street I can walk with no noise, litter or fear of violence

4.) Mom 'n pop businesses and no big box stores

5.) Our Dorchester school and the wonderful students and teachers

6.) Small town chatter, even the gossip

7.) Farmers, hunters, people of commerce and our community elders (the producers and providers)

8.) Not being honked at in your car or truck when you're at the one and only red light

9.) The smell of a wood burning stove or fireplace

10.) Pumpkin pie, homemade jelly and all the great local baking

This is a good start. Oh yes, I am also thankful for my great-grand parents who came to Dorchester to start their families. It is because of them that Dorchester is my home.


Name Withheld
Mother, Wife and Farmer

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Adolph And Doris Kohout Celebrate 65th Anniversary

A special Dorchester couple is celebrating a special anniversary.

Dorchester's own Adolph and Doris (Hronik) Kohout were married November 21, 1950. 

This month, the Kohouts are celebrating 65 years of love, laughter and being awesome parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. 

The couple was blessed with two children, Marilyn (Owen) Jensen and Marvin (Lorraine) Kohout; four grandchildren, Renee (Luis) Jaime, Shaun Jensen, Jeremy (Lindsay) Kohout and Patrick Kohout.

Today, the Kohouts have six great-grandchildren, Emalyn, Belanie, Mallory Jaime and Conner, Jonathan, Gracyn Kohout. 

Many Dorchester alumni will fondly recall Doris Kohout as a favorite elementary school teacher in town.  She started teaching in Dorchester in 1970 and taught for 23 years upon retirement in 1993.

Please shower the honored couple with cards sent to Adolph and Doris Kohout, 1009 Fulton Avenue, Dorchester, NE 68343.

Happy 65th, Doris and Adolph!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

SETBACK: Fire At City Slickers Friday Closes Establishment

Less than a week after we reported the good news about the near completion of the renovation at Dorchester's City Slickers Bar and Grill, a fire broke out at the establishment just before noon yesterday (Friday).

The following report was left on City Slickers' Facebook account: "Kitchen fire yesterday....old kitchen is done for. Rest of building got a lot of smoke damage."

The establishment is closed for the time being until further notice.

Dorchester Volunteer Fire Dept. personnel were on the scene in a hurry and the fire was contained within the old kitchen, we are told.  But there is heavy smoke damage throughout the original bar area -- known to so many as Joe's Place.

We are told the new kitchen and dining area, located in the building just to the north, were not damaged. 

Insurance adjusters will be in town Monday, according to reports.

Last week, the Dorchester Times reported that City Slickers -- Dorchester's one and only bar and grill at the present time -- would soon complete its interior construction project.  The completion of this project will allow for more seating, while offering patrons a bigger and better kitchen.

The renovation project has been in the works for the past year and a half.

The owners of this famous establishment had planned hosting a "grand re-opening" party next month. It's unclear when the re-opening will take place now due to the fire.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Get Off Your Butt -- Attend Dorchester Foundation Meeting This Monday

You say you want Dorchester to thrive.  You say you want improvements made to the community.  You say you care.

Well then, it's time to get off your butt and be part of the Dorchester Community Foundation, which is meeting this Monday, Nov. 23, at 7 p.m. at the Dorchester Community Building.

You don't have to be a resident of Dorchester to attend; you simply have to care about the town and its future.

A non-profit organization, the Dorchester Community Foundation has been instrumental in various projects around town.  These include the city park's new playground equipment and picnic shelter; annual scholarships; the Charlie Havlat Memorial at the Saline County Museum; and the popular steak and chicken/hamburger feeds. 

The Foundation's most recent projects are the new welcome sign along Highway 33, as well as the welcome signs on the village light poles.

For more information about Monday's meeting, or how to contribute to the Foundation, contact chairman Dale Hayek at 402-641-4075 or

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Updated Forecast: This Friday Could Bring 1-3 Inches Of Snow To SE Nebraska


Yes, it was thundering and lightning Monday night in Dorchester, but the season's first snow for southeastern Nebraska could come this Friday.

That's according to forecasters at

This Friday, November 20, the Dorchester area will see a high of 43 degrees with intermittent snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain.  (That's right -- the first winter weather of the season will likely occur less than four days after severe thunderstorm watches were issued for the some area.  Welcome to Nebraska.)

Friday will be rather cloudy, breezy and colder with periods of rain, then snow in the afternoon, up to 1 inch. Friday night will bring snow at times, up to 1 inch; otherwise, becoming clear and colder; storm total 1-3 inches.

Regarding the long-term forecast, we have bad news and good news.  The good news is mostly sunny days, along with above average temperatures, are expected until the last week of December, when a nasty bout of winter weather is anticipated.

However, between this weekend and Christmas, the worst days of the long-range forecast are expected for Thanksgiving (ice and precipitation) and Christmas Eve (freezing rain).

Stay tuned to the Dorchester Times for developing weather...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sources: City Slickers Renovation To Be Completed By Dec. 1

The Dorchester Times has learned that City Slickers -- Dorchester's one and only bar and grill at the present time -- will soon complete its interior construction project.  The completion of this project will allow for more seating, while offering patrons a bigger and better kitchen.

The renovation project has been in the works for the past year and a half. According to sources, the remodeling at City Slickers could be finished by Dec. 1.  

The owners of this famous eating establishment plan to host a "grand re-opening" party next month, we are told.

Last year, this blog reported that City Slickers and its owner had a strong interest in establishing a new Dorchester bowling alley.  However, we are told that project is on hold for the time being, due to the large expense and unforeseen costs connected to the kitchen and dining area renovation project.

Dorchester area residents are strongly encouraged to patronize and financially support City Slickers, according to town leaders.

Some residents have suggested that the village board or community foundation do more to work with City Slickers to help encourage the development of a bowling alley in the two buildings north of the bar and grill (one of those buildings is badly blighted and vacant residential space).  We are told that encouragement has not gotten any traction.

There is strong demand for a social and entertainment venue in Dorchester and surrounding area.  Friend and Crete both lost their bowling facilities in recent years. Milford has no such facility, either.  As a result, those who want to bowl on league teams must join a long waiting list before they can bowl in nearby towns like Wilber or Seward.

City Slickers Bar and Grill is owned by Jason and Kathy Duhrkop, who purchased the establishment in 2013 from Rob Parks, who had owned Joe's Place since 2009.

The modern history of the current space occupied by Joe's Place/City Slickers dates all the way back to 1952, when local legend Joe Ladman bought the building and started Joe's Place, which operated until 2004 when Ladman's son-in-law, Dewayne Schmale, sold the bar to Verna Lewis.  For a short time, the bar was known as the Blue Moose, until it changed hands again in 2007, under Sheryl Olson, and was known as the West Side Saloon until 2009, when it again became Joe's Place.

City Slickers owners say "their goal is for customers to come in hungry and leave satisfied."  The Duhrkops want the establishment to remain a staple in the community for many years to come.

Community members say they enjoy the food and environment of City Slickers -- and we agree

Thursday, November 12, 2015

ESPN Spotlights Homecoming, Six-Man Football In Cody, Neb.

Thanks to a high profile feature by ESPN, Cody, Neb., population 155, and Cody-Kilgore High School, have basked in the national spotlight this week.

"This is Nebraska's ranch country," the network notes. "The football team is something for the communities to rally around. Everyone is part of the family and part of the celebration of the intersection of sport and rural culture."

Cody-Kilgore seventh grader Liz Rosfeld said, "We don‘t have very many kids. Every single boy went out for junior high football, and we still only had like eight people."

We liked the story for three reasons:

1.) Cody-Kilgore reminds us of a smaller, western Nebraska version of DHS. Even the school colors are the same.

2.) We know that western Nebraskans tend to be a hardier lot compared to most, but we were still impressed that Cody-Kilgore had a 100% junior high football participation rate. One of the high school boys tells ESPN that the kids play to represent their community and that he "feels the pride in my heart."

3.)  In a single short story, this piece captures the current conditions in many small Nebraska communities -- too tough to die, as the ESPN headline says.

At Cody-Kilgore High School, they play six-man football, a wide-open game in which literally everybody has an opportunity to handle the ball. 

One important point made in the story: There are only 14 schools playing six-man football in Nebraska, as compared with the 234 six-man teams in Texas. In a time of declining K-12 school enrollments statewide; a time of decreased participation in male sports; and a time of increased bullying and dictator-like rule by the Nebraska School Activities Association, we are still scratching our heads as to why Nebraska schools don't do more to utilize the six-man game.  (The smaller number of Nebraska kids playing for the University  of Nebraska today -- compared to decades past -- shoots holes through any argument that more six-man football might diminish the quality of play in the high school ranks.)

See the ESPN feature here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dorchester's Veterans Day Events

UPDATE: Inclement weather kept the numbers down for Wednesday evening's free-will fundraiser at the Legion. The Times hopes you will donate $10, $15 or $20 (or more) to the Dorchester American Legion today. Send donations to:

Dorchester American Legion, Post 264
PO Box 197
Dorchester, NE 68343

Dorchester thinks highly of our nation's veterans.  So our community is paying America's true heroes a special tribute on Veterans Day.

The Dorchester American Legion, Post 264, will be hosting a Veteran's Day Service on Wednesday at 10 a.m. 

This service will be held at the Dorchester Public School and will feature Dr. William Jackson, the American Legion's Nebraska Department state chaplain, as the speaker.

The Dorchester Boy Scouts and Junior Auxiliary will also participate in this special service. The public is invited.  Please join us in honoring our nation's vets.

A soup and sandwich supper will be held at the Dorchester Legion Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  This will be a free will offering to help the Legion.

Help Dorchester salute America's heroes who wear (and have worn) the uniform.

Saluting Dorchester's Legion Post No. 264

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and the Times wants to salute every veteran who has served our nation, in times of war and in peace.

We also want to pay tribute to Dorchester's August-Vanek American Legion Post #264, the Sons of the American Legion, the Legion Auxiliary and Junior Auxiliary.

Many in our community may not realize that Dorchester's Legion Post is nearing its 96th anniversary.

Following World War I, the veterans of Dorchester wanted to join the American Legion, a national organization for U.S. veterans. State Department Adjutant Frank B. O'Connell of Lincoln presided at the May 24, 1920, meeting to organize a Legion Post in Dorchester. 

The following Dorchester men signed an application for a charter: Claude Kennedy, Frank Mares, William Sanburn, Joe Mateja, Casper Schuerhoff, Frank Grant, Tony Wolfe, Fred Littlefield. Russell Freidell, Frank Kozak, Russell Bruning, Vincent Rogers, Clark West, Cecil Ward, John Cerny, William Johnson, Nels Hansen,Walter Hartly, Albert Peterson, and Ray Ward. 

The charter was presented on August 1, 1920 and filed August 10. 1920. Dr. N.P. Hansen was the first Commander of the Post of the American Legion #264.  The name August was selected for the Post in honor of Ernest R. August who was killed in W.W.I. 

In those early years, the Dorchester Legion was housed in a few different locations.  In 1954, the Post bought a building from W.O. Howlett. This building was remodeled for the use of the Legion. the Auxiliary and also club facilities and dedicated on March 23. 1956. It is still the present Post. 

In January 1955 the Post added another nnme "Vanek" to their Post name honoring Emil Vanek killed in action in the Pacific theatre of action in W.W.II. 

Legion activities throughout the years have been a key part of community life in Dorchester.  Way back in 1922, there was a Model-T Ford raffle drawing.  

In the 1930s and '40s, the Legion held home talent plays.  Legion members built a cabin for the Scouts on the Kenney farm in the '30s.  In 1933, lights and light poles were purchased and erected north of the elevator for all types of softball league games and tournaments.  

By the 1950s and '60s, the Dorchester Legion was sponsoring representatives to attend Boys State -- and later on, Girls State. 

Many community activities have been and are sponsored by the Legion, and its Auxiliary, to serve veterans in need and in final rites for the deceased. 

Ninety-five years have proven that the stronger our American Legion Post, the stronger our community.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Show Your Hometown Pride; Give To The Dorchester Foundation Today

Several years ago, a few energetic, forward-looking residents of our community thought Dorchester could use a little boost.  They established a non-profit affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation -- and ever since, the Dorchester Community Foundation has been a force for positive change.  

Today, we are asking readers to donate to the Foundation -- to give back to the community that has provided so many great memories and a great way of life.

The Dorchester Community Foundation has been instrumental in various projects since 2007.  These include:
  • The city park's new playground equipment and picnic shelter; 
  • Annual scholarships; 
  • The Charlie Havlat Memorial at the Saline County Museum; 
  • The new welcome sign along Highway 33.
  • The new "welcome banners" on the light poles in town.
Whether you are a current Dorchester area resident, Dorchester alumni, or just a friend of the community, please consider making a pledge to the Dorchester Community Foundation so it may continue to make needed improvements throughout our village.

Contributions to the Foundation are deductible for income and estate tax purposes.  

Whether it's a donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more, your generosity will help keep momentum going in Dorchester.

Click here to donate to Dorchester online.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dorchester Community Foundation Hosting Lunch On Sunday, Nov.8

The Dorchester Community Foundation will be hosting a chicken and hamburger fundraiser Sunday, Nov. 8, at the Dorchester Legion from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

The meal will consist of a grilled half-chicken or hamburger, with salad, choice of mashed potato and gravy/potato salad/chips; baked beans, bread, dessert and drink.

This is a fundraiser and a freewill offering.  Give what you can afford -- but your presence is most important.

Those who have attended previous dinners hosted by the Foundation have always found quality steak and wonderful service.  Better yet, this is one of those rare times you see everybody you know but haven't been able to talk to for months.

The Foundation has served Dorchester well over the past two decades -- from the welcome sign in the Saline County Museum to the welcome signs on the town's light posts; from the city park shelter to a planned gravesite directory at the Dorchester Cemetery. 

Contributions for the Dorchester Community Foundation can be made at any time. 

Checks -- payable to "Dorchester Community Foundation Fund" -- should be sent to: Peg Bergmeyer, 101 Washington Ave., Dorchester, NE 68343.

The Dorchester Community Foundation Fund is a non-profit subsidiary of the Nebraska Community Foundation so all donations are tax deductible.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Farmers Cooperative Is Among Largest Co-op's In U.S.

By being home to the headquarters of the Farmers Cooperative, Dorchester has an asset the community must not take for granted.
This week, we were reminded of that when the Farmers Cooperative was one of nine Nebraska cooperatives ranked among the top 100 in the country, according to a report by National Cooperative Bank. 
The NCB Co-op 100 list ranks Dorchester-based Farmers Cooperative at No. 75 based on revenue in 2014.  It is the fourth largest ag-based co-op in Nebraska, just behind Aurora Co-op.
Ag Processing Inc. of Omaha was the largest co-op domiciled in Nebraska, and the eighth largest in the country.  Affiliated Foods Midwest, a grocery co-op based in Norfolk, came in No. 23, up from 34th in 2013. It was the only non-agricultural Nebraska co-op on the list.
Other Nebraska co-ops on the NCB Top 100 list and their rankings are as follows: 

FCS of America of Omaha, 57th, up from 71st; Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co.; 71st, down from 54th; Cooperative Producers Inc. of Hastings, 77th, down from 57th; United Farmers Cooperative of York, 87th, no change in rank; Frenchman Valley Farmers Co-op of Imperial, 91st, up from 93rd; and Central Valley Ag Cooperative of Oakland, 93rd, up from 94th.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Your Help Needed: Youth Basketball, Wresting Tourney

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a community.

That's especially true in small towns.

With that in mind, we say, "Attention area sports fans! Dorchester youth programs need your help."

Girls Basketball Coach: Dorchester's girls youth basketball program is in need of a head coach for grades 5-6.  If you are interested, call Brent Zoubek (402-946-2781 or 418-1021) at the school.  The coaches are already in place for the boys' teams (both grades 3-4 and 5-6), as well as for girls grades 3-4.  Practices will begin later this month.

Jr. High Wrestling Tournament:  Help is needed at the annual Dorchester Jr. High Wrestling Tournament, set for Friday, Nov. 20.  Experienced individuals are needed at the tables to help with scoring of matches and to ensure wrestlers are where they need to be when its their turn to hit the mat.  If you're available to help, contact Brent Zoubek.  Again, the number at the Dorchester Public School is 402-946-2781.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dorchester's Mountains Turn Heads

This time of year, Dorchester's surrounding countryside grows its own version of mountains.

They can't compete with the Rockies or even the Appalachians.

Nonetheless, our mountains turn some heads.  

As proof, note that the Lincoln Journal Star was in town today.  

An LJS photographer captured this road grader giving scale to a mountain of corn piled on the ground just west of Dorchester Tuesday.

The Journal Star's photo accompanies this post -- or can be seen by clicking here.

It seems even those Lincoln newspaper people are fascinated with our version of mountains in the fall.

Here's to another bountiful harvest.

Monday, November 2, 2015

DHS Wraps Up Regular Season, Prepares For Sub-Districts Tonight

UPDATE:  For those who missed it, Exeter-Milligan defeated Dorchester on Monday night, 25-20, 25-11, 25-19.  The Longhorns end their season 16-14.  Thanks for representing your school well, ladies!

After wrapping up regular season play, the Dorchester High School volleyball team is preparing for its sub-district competition, as the Lady Longhorns must now win every future contest in order to keep its season alive.

DHS fell short on the road at East Butler on Oct. 22, but won the last game of the regular season at DHS against Nebraska Lutheran this past Thursday.

DHS finished its regular season well above the .500 mark, finishing 16-13.  This was much improved from last season's 8-21 record. 

Tonight (Monday), Dorchester will be part of the Class D2-2 sub-district tourney at Fillmore Central in Geneva.  Dorchester will play at 5 p.m., pitted against one of the state's best programs in Class D, Exeter-Milligan (23-3).  

If the Longhorns win, the will face either Meridian (19-9) or Hampton (24-5) in the sub-district final at 8 p.m.

Good luck Lady Longhorns.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tonight's Scary Show -- Twilight Zone: 'To Serve Man'

It's Halloween. 

All this week, the Dorchester Times has aired the scariest episodes of the classic TV show, "The Twilight Zone."  Tonight we share the scariest.

We've selected these episodes of "The Twilight Zone" because we've found these 30-minute programs to be wildly creative and powerful.  Imagination and solid story lines carry these shows, whose quality far surpass any of the "scary shows" produced today.

Tonight's episode is called "To Serve Man."  

The Kanamits, 9 foot tall aliens, arrive on Earth with one lofty goal: To serve mankind.

The story is based on the 1950 short story written by Damon Knight. The title is a play on the verb serve.  (Watch the show and you'll get it.)  The episode, along with the line, "It's a cookbook!," have become elements in pop culture.

Enjoy tonight's episode.  But be sure to leave an extra light on -- after all, it's Halloween. 

Click on:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tonight's Scary Show -- Twilight Zone: 'The Masks'

It's Halloween week. For those of you who are still up, we once again have a special treat.

All this week, the Dorchester Times is airing the scariest episodes of the classic TV show, "The Twilight Zone." 

We've selected these episodes of "The Twilight Zone" because we've found these 30-minute programs to be wildly creative and powerful.  Imagination and solid story lines carry these shows, whose quality far surpass any of the "scary shows" produced today.

Tonight's episode is called "The Masks."

Mr. Jason Foster, a tired old man who on this particular Mardi Gras evening will leave the Earth.  But before departing, he has some things to do, some services to perform, some debts to pay -- and some justice to distribute.  This is New Orleans, Mardi Gras time. It is also the Twilight Zone.

Enjoy tonight's scary show -- but be sure to leave the lights on for this one.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tonight's Scary Show -- Twilight Zone: 'It's A Good Life'

It's Halloween week. 

All this week, the Dorchester Times is airing the scariest episodes of the classic TV show, "The Twilight Zone." 

We've selected these episodes of "The Twilight Zone" because we've found these 30-minute programs to be wildly creative and powerful.  Imagination and solid story lines carry these shows, whose quality far surpass any of the "scary shows" produced today.

Tonight's episode is called "It's a Good Life."

It is based on the 1953 short story "It's a Good Life" by Jerome Bixby and is considered by many, such as Time Magazine and TV Guide, to be one of the best episodes of the series. It originally aired on November 3, 1961.

On an isolated family farm, a young boy with vast mental powers, but lacking emotional development, holds his terrified family in thrall to his every juvenile wish. No one ever thought the world would end this way.

Enjoy tonight's scary show -- but be sure to leave the lights on for this one.

Click on:

Random Thoughts: Vacant Homes, Prisons, Potato Dinner

Here are some random thoughts on this blustery October day:

Prisons In Nebraska:  Earlier this year, the Nebraska Legislature got soft on crime, watering down several provisions of the state's criminal code.  We were disappointed that state Senator Laura Ebke joined the majority in passing a bad bill.  The far left in the Unicameral, along with some libertarians, say we just have too many people in jail nowadays, and that 30 years ago, the state would have simply slapped such people on the wrist and utilized probation.  The picture above is that of a 22-year-old arrested this morning in Shelby for a shooting.  Thirty years ago, how many individuals like this did you see walking among us (at least outside of a carnival freak show)? How common are such lost souls today? The truth is, we don’t have enough jails and prisons.  Protect innocent, law-abiding Nebraskans at all costs, we say.

Vacant Properties:  We've noticed the increase of vacant homes in Dorchester, including a couple on main street.  Small towns like Dorchester are hard hit by vacant homes and commercial properties, and often lack the resources and expertise that some larger cities can bring to bear on the problem. For our money, no one is better situated than the members of the village board to to articulate a long-term vision for the community and lay out a strategy to get those houses filled or on the market.  In the past, we've called for a blight tax.  Whether or not that is the right solution, we hope our elected town leaders and the village employees will communicate with property owners to formulate an abandoned property strategy. While vacant properties are a problem, they also represent an opportunity for revitalization and community redevelopment.  By reusing abandoned properties, towns of any size can improve neighborhoods, build new markets, and enhance their quality of life.  Why wouldn't we get on the ball and do so right away?

FBLA's Baked Potato Feed Is Thursday: Dorchester Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is holding a baked potato dinner Thursday, beginning at 5 p.m. at the school prior to the Longhorns' regular season finale.  Be sure to show your support for the FBLA, as well as the ladies in Orange and Black.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tonight's Scary Show -- Twilight Zone: 'Nightmare At 20,000 Feet'

All this week, the Dorchester Times will air the scariest episodes of the classic TV show
"The Twilight Zone."  

We've selected these episodes of "The Twilight Zone" because we find that these 30-minute programs are wildly creative, spine-tingling tense and yet family friendly.  The imagination and quality of these old TV shows far surpass any of the "scary shows" produced today, in our humble opinion.

Tonight's episode is called "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" -- perhaps the most recognized in the series.  

William Shatner plays Bob Wilson, a man recently discharged from a sanitarium after having a nervous breakdown on a passenger plane. Convinced he's cured, he boards a flight home with his wife. But then he sees it, a maniacal creature tampering with the wing of the jet, to bring it down. Is it for real? Is he relapsing into insanity? It's that tension that makes this such a wonderful watch.

Enjoy tonight's episode, but be sure to leave on an extra light.

Dorchester's Bill Moser Passes At 82; Funeral Is Friday

UPDATE: City Slickers Bar and Grill reports that the business was contacted by the family of Bill Moser will be making their way back to Dorchester for Friday's funeral and would like to have a "toast" to honor Bill at City Slicker's at 6 p.m. this Friday. Come down and share your memories and have an Old Milwaukee Light in honor of Bill. 

Dorchester native and longtime resident William (Bill) Earl Moser, age 82, died on October 23, 2015 in Wheaton, Minn., surrounded by his loving children. Bill was born on October 11, 1933, in Dorchester to Earl and Louise (Dainton) Moser. Bill grew up with two younger brothers, helping on his parent’s farm. He graduated from DHS in 1952. Shortly after high school he joined the US Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg NC. Bill was married to Melva Harling in 1953 and together they had five children. 

Bill married Mabel McMahon in 1987. Their large combined family was a source of great pride and pleasure for both of them; and the reason for their many, many road trips across the country. They traveled to meet new grandchildren; and attend weddings, graduations, birthdays and family reunions. Bill and Mabel followed Nebraska Cornhusker sports and especially looked forward each fall to the women’s volleyball season. They also loved the state parks in Nebraska and in their retirement made a point of visiting every one.

Bill was active in his community and church. He was a former Dorchester mayor. He was a 60-year member of the American Legion in Dorchester and served in several local, district and area officer positions. He was a lifetime member and lay leader in the United Methodist Church of Dorchester. Bill was an avid baseball fan and a successful coach for the Dorchester American Legion baseball team for many years. Bill was a small business owner and worked in a variety of sales and service positions over the years. He retired from the Dorchester Co-op. 

Bill was preceded in death by his parents, wife Mabel, and brother Richard Moser. He is survived by his brother Robert (Kaye) Moser, Mount Holly Springs, PA; sister-in-law Karen Moser, Bellevue, NE; children, Christeen (Gene) Borsheim, Wheaton, MN; Carmen Moser, Fergus Falls, MN; Chere (Ed) Rikimoto, Wheaton, MN; Clay (Angela) Moser, Los Angeles, CA; Candice (Tony) Hasbargen, Wheaton, MN; thirteen grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren; nieces and nephews; and, by Mabel’s seven children, Frances McMahon, Green River, WY; Mike (David Sepulveda) McMahon, San Diego, CA; Coleen (Jim) McMahon-Seitz, Greeley, CO; Maureen (Larry) Hop-Hergenreder, Greeley, CO; Kelly (Mike) Gerken, York, NE; Shannon (Mal Elkins) Monson, Greeley, CO; Erin Hall, Rock Springs, WY; seventeen grandchildren, and twenty-two great grandchildren

Visitation will be held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday October 29 at the Kuncl Funeral Home in Crete, NE. The funeral service will be held at the United Methodist Church in Dorchester, NE on Friday, October 30 at 10:30 a.m. with visitation one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at the Dorchester Cemetery. 

Click here to see Bill's obituary and memorial video.